The Lakewood Fellowship
Winter Program
December 24 - December 31 2017

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To apply for the Lakewood Fellowship Winter Program

December 24th-December 31st 2017

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contact Rabbi Moishe Katz

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Program Highlights
Yehuda Green Concert​  
Dance and sing along with the soulful and elevating music of Jewish musical sensation Yehuda Green for an unforgettable Saturday night concert that will rock your soul!

Jewish Learning Experience  
Enter the privileged study halls of the Harvard of Jewish academia- the world famous Yeshiva, Beth Medrash Govoha, founded in 1941. You will be assigned to a resident scholar for intellectually challenging one-on-one learning and debating. World class lecturers will engage you in thought provoking discourses on cutting edge topics. 
Shabbos in Lakewood
Experience an awesome Shabbaton in a beautiful suburban setting with superb accommodations and cuisine in the company of warm and charismatic hosts
Fun Recreation
Chill with a great group of guys enjoying thrilling activities during downtime: NBA/NFL game, combat sports, rock climbing, winter sports… 
New! Interview for the Summer
Have an opportunity to interview in person for a top spot in our summer business and medical internship programs

Summer Internship
To learn more about the Lakewood Fellowship Internship Program